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Winter Favourites

Restful sleep essentials and indulging home scents

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Our Winter Favourites

Our collection of luxury botanical favourites contains everything from our coveted reed diffusers, to sublime room mists and natural scented candles.

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Per Alfeo

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Leur D’ Encens

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Cedrello Citron

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"Handcrafted from raw materials, Auli’s scented candles are as good inside as they look on the outside. Plus, they smell incredible."

"Our favourite has to be C-34/2, a beautifully blooming scent that walks you through pine forests and wild fields of marigold before you’re grounded with soothing woody aromas."

"A brand that doesn’t sacrifice either style or sustainability, with non-toxic fragrances to enrich your home life. It has a season less appeal and come in very stylish , minimalist vessels."

"This divine smelling home fragrance makes being inside a Joy."

"The beauty of Auli candles is that they're made of 100 per cent natural wax and are free from paraben, paraffin, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic colours. GQ recommends the Per Alfeo candle, a spiced aroma with hints of Italian lemon that reminds you of every great holiday you used to go on."