World of AULI


AULI London is driven by creativity, aesthetics and intuition. It is rooted in a place named AULI, the ‘bugyal of Himalaya’, meaning Valley of flowers of Himalaya. The bugyal is endowed with more than 500 species of flowering plants and innumerable others. It all started here in Auli Bugyal with the stories of mystical flowers, nymphs and magic of wonder and curiosity.

Our inspiration also comes from urban sensory universes, equally embraced, gives us the freedom to reinvent nature and express the power of transcendent nature of perfume.

The quest has led us to many countries and places which became a source of parallel and elusive smells. The scents we encountered during these journeys became stories and the stories became scents. We discovered two things- perfume tell stories of people, places and emotions and; stories of people, places and emotions can be translated into perfume.

We take a highly individual style to create unique fragrances for homes and living spaces. A way of living, a unique balance of Zen and high-end contemporary aesthetics. Auli perfume offers personal luxury, a luxury that isn’t superficial, but tells stories and makes deeper connections.


We’re passionate about our raw material and only use very high quality, rare, exotic and precious ingredients in our perfumes. We always look for authentic and very precise varieties. At times the gorgeousness of compositions lies in the grandeur of ingredients; at times simplicity, at times it’s the synergy and at times it’s just the power of distinctiveness. We’re in love with the gorgeous layered complexity of pure and true natural ingredients that we use in our compositions.

At AULI London we strive to source the best essences for our compositions and we believe that exceptional raw material shouldn’t be an exception in home fragrances. Indeed it’s a cardinal rule that we follow and we follow it happily.


All our products are made in our workshop in London. Our 100% natural wax candles are hand-poured. Our fragrances go through a long process from conception of an idea–translating it into perfume sketches– a quest for right raw materials–perfecting the formula.

We call our special ceramic ‘ceramico’ as it’s created by our special master craftsmen in Manesis, Valencia, Spain. The town is famous for its century’s old ceramic industry. Our ceramic is specially created to diffuse accompanying home fragrances. The intricate AULI monogram is etched beautifully by the craftsmen in their workshop in Spain.


AULI is a way of living. As much we appreciate the finest things and luxury, we believe in living thoughtfully. Our purpose is to change the way people connect with scent. Our Frankincense comes from a co-op in Somalia from the Sannag region. We make sure that our raw material is carefully and sustainably sourced.  That’s why we only work with very selective suppliers. A lot of our material is organic and we always use extremely high-quality material. Also, a portion of our profits goes into supporting and helping farming communities in the developing world.