About Us

AULI is a contemporary lifestyle brand guided by love for nature, design and considerate modern living. With an equal focus on function and aesthetics our products are designed to fit into creating more balanced and enriched lifestyle. We believe in the power of nature, scent and storytelling. Taking inspiration from oddities of places, vaguely forgotten stories and random chance encounters- we always start with a narrative, juxtaposing creativity with attention to detail and high-end contemporary design. We produce all our fragrances using natural ingredients and are committed to creating products free from parabens, phthalates and synthetic colours. Our products are formulated using only carefully sourced ingredients from around the world.

Our philosophy and Inspiration

“We are always at a meeting point of what we have left behind and where we are going ahead” Just like every picture tells a story we believe that every fragrance also tells a story. The name AULI means- ‘Valley of flowers or nature’s own garden’. It is an actual place full of natural wonders and beauty located in the highest ranges of Himalayas where the concept of AULI as a brand came into existence. Our inspiration also comes from urban sensory universes, equally embraced, gives us the freedom to reinvent nature and express the transcendent power of fragrance. We take pride in indulging in imagination and translate them into modern functional products.


We love style and our planet equally. it’s extremely important for us to create products of highest standards and working in ways that help us in our sustainability goals. We strive to create a brand that doesn’t compromise with aesthetics and our planet at the same time. We believe it is possible to go hand in hand creating the best products alongside taking care of our planet. We appreciate our local communities and try to manufacture our products locally. We believe in the zero- waste movement and don’t use any toxic chemicals in our products. We will be working towards giving back supporting conservation of biospheres and unique ecosystems. Find out more: http://auli.co.uk/sustainability-goals/