Living Wabi-sabi

Create a calming and peaceful space that nurtures and inspires tranquillity.

In this day in age, it is rare for us to spend as much time in our flats and houses as many of us are doing right now. We are spending our days at home more than ever before and it is important to create a calming and peaceful space that nurtures and holds us during this particularly difficult time. One of the ways in which we can take advantage of this extra time at home is to actually make our space into a place that not only inspires tranquillity but grounds us in the moment.

This brings us to the ancient Japanese philosophy called wabi sabi. Started during the 15th century as a rebellion against the particular extravagant designs of that time, this philosophy went in the complete opposite direction, focusing instead on simplicity, serenity, and finding joy amongst the imperfections. Wabi sabi is more than just a way to decorate one’s home- it is a way to go about one’s life.

These days, our fast-paced lives are often so chaotic that we rarely take a moment to reflect and appreciate where we are, how far we’ve come, and where we want to go. Wabi sabi is about giving one the opportunity to pause, accept, and reflect on things for the way that they are instead of fighting against one’s current reality. If you can find joy in the small things and find contentment, then you are living wabi sabi. 

Connect with nature

Some of the ways in which one can cultivate wabi sabi in one’s home is through adopting simplicity. At the root of this ancient philosophy and aesthetic is the idea of simplicity and in order to cultivate wabi sabi in one’s home anything excess must be eliminated. One way to achieve this is through incorporating natural materials into one’s home by using natural wood or stone and using colours found in nature like whites, greens, and muted blues. Embrace the beauty in the flawed; avoid worrying over chipped mugs or scratched floors.

Bring the outside into your home with plants and flowers from your garden. Also, cook healthy, flavorful, and simple meals that nourish your family and bring them together.

You can guess that AULI’s favourite way to incorporate wabi sabi into the home is through bringing in lovely and comforting scents. This week we are particularly fond of our Per Alfeo scented candle, room spray, and reed diffuser because of how it has helped us ground and center during these trying times with its traces of vanilla, woods and resins. The outside comes in with its swirling hints of rose, jasmine and lemon. Our scents are made from natural fragrance and it’s simple yet elegant design is the perfect touch for any home that is aiming to achieve wabi sabi. 

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to go about wabi sabi; it’s about accepting things for the way that they are and finding charm amongst the inadequacies. 

In this time in our lives when life can seem quite worrisome, making sure that we are making efforts to create a safe and peaceful space really can make a difference.