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May 2018

At Clerkenwell Design Week, AULI explored how design and space are connected to room scents with Fleur Verte Deconstructed. AULI brought a sensory experience and exhibit to explore how room scents can enhance design and spaces. Visitors were thrilled to feel the textures, see vivid colours and imagine the places with the power of fragrance. They witnessed how connected individuals are to fragrances, and how much a fragrance is part of a space.

Fleur Verte Deconstructed was a display of natural elements and design inspiration. The space was scented with Fleur Verte fragrance, and the visitors were encouraged to interpret the story and explore the invisible world of scents. 

Also to breathe in the botanical extracts that combine to be transformed into Fleur Verte and how these ingredients can positively impact well-being and enhance the surroundings.

November 2017

AULI’s Leur D’Encens was the fragrance of Sleep, one of Europe’s premier interior design, development and architecture event. In a collaboration between AULI and SLEEP, AULI also conducted ‘Connecting Scents with Spaces’ workshop, an interactive session which provided insights into how room scents can become part of space and design, facilitating a lasting emotional connection and deepening loyalty.

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image of AULI London collaboration for room scent collaboration

September 2017

AULI was an official supplier at London Fashion Week Festival. Celebrating perfume as an invisible art, the venues were fragranced with AULI’s C-34/2 fragrance. AULI also made its way with a pop-up to the fashion’s biggest festival. Driven by creativity, intuition and elaborate design process, AULI perfumes are contemporary metamorphosis of timeless untold stories. Composed of exceptional high-quality ingredients, AULI’s natural wax scented candles, Sprays, Ceramic and Diffusers are individually hand-made in London Follow @aulilondon on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

Image of London Fashion Week collaboration with luxury perfume brand, AULI for room scent collaboration